Bringing the Indoors Out

/ Bringing the Indoors Out

Everyone has heard the term “bringing the outdoors in” when it comes to interior design. I’m switching it up a bit to give some great tips on how to bring the indoors outside and help create the perfect outdoor gather space.

Just like interiors, the main elements to creating the perfect space are a focal point, symmetry, texture, and color. A great way to make a grand focal point is to with build a pergola or gazebo. A pergola or gazebo sets the tone for a designated area and allows for hanging light fixtures, sheer curtains, and other decorative elements. Another way to create a less temporary and cheaper focal point, is to purchase a fountain or fire pit. Both of these elements make the area warm and inviting.

Symmetry can be created with furniture. Whether you prefer lounge chairs or sofas, your options are endless. There are so many choices in styles, colors, and outdoor fabrics, you can’t go wrong.  The best option is to stay neutral with the furniture color and add brighter color in with accessories.  Making a pathway with pebbles or pavers is another way to create symmetry. With this option you can make two seating areas. By having a seating area on each side of the pathway, with the focal point at the end, you create a larger outdoor living room.  Lighting is an excellent way to enforce symmetry.  There are many different solar ground light options that are affordable. They can face upward and highlight different elements, or just trim the walkway.

Texture can be added in many different ways. An outdoor rug, outdoor side tables, pillows on the chairs or sofa, etc. are just a few options. The outdoors has a lot of texture to begin with, so by adding a few finishing touches, texture is taken to a whole new level. Lanterns and candles also create texture and by using a citronella candle or oil, you can serve a double purpose.

Color can be introduced in quite a few ways. Flowers and landscape is the easiest way to add pops of color to your space.  Accessories are the next option. Decorative outdoor pillows spruce up your sofas and chairs. You want to make sure all accessories are outdoor materials that way the climate can’t destroy them. Just like inside your home, you want the area to flow with color scheme of the exterior of your home. Have that in mind when choosing your outdoor furniture and accessories.


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