What’s your style? Design styles that match your personality

/ What’s your style? Design styles that match your personality

While it’s true that you can adapt any design to fit any personality, why fight it? 

Embrace your personality with the design style that suits it best. 



This no-nonsense routine-lover has a place for everything and everything in its place. They absolutely cannot stand when things are disorganized — and you know they’ll never go to sleep with dishes in the sink either.

Design style: Minimalist

Hallmarks of this style: 

Less is more with a minimalist design. Clean lines, straight edges, symmetrical decor, and zero clutter in simple color tones: black, white, and grays, or a trio of shades in a single color family. It’s not boring though; minimally contrasting patterns or textures (think checked rug in the middle of a completely white-toned room) add visual interest without overwhelm. Trends have no place here; the few pieces of furniture and decor that dot the room must also serve a purpose. Yet there’s no rule that minimalist must be spartan; a luxurious, sensual fabric can still be simple and functional. 



This “baby bear” personality — not too modern, not too traditional — is soft and balanced. They appreciate function and practicality, but they also like color and adventure — and they’re not too shy to take a bit of risk. Just a bit of risk though; they know when they’re uncomfortable and will hold back from going too far one way or the other. 


Design style: Mid-century modern

Hallmarks of this style: 

Compared to a minimalist style, there’s more variety in textures and materials layered together in a single room or space. There are more colors too, but they lean towards softer, muted shades like pastels and earthy tones. (Picture the avocado or mustard ubiquitous in your parents’ home 40 years ago.) Nature takes center stage with light streaming in from oversized windows, flanked by leafy plants and lots of light-colored woods mixed with metal and glass accents. Abstract art and interesting, futuristic shapes and lines (like tulip tables) keep the space exciting but still peaceful.



If they’re in the room, everyone’s looking at them. They almost can’t help it — drama just follows them everywhere they go. Always bursting with energy, they wear their emotions on their sleeve, itching to share their joy and love with everyone.

Design style: Art deco

Hallmarks of this style:

Busy, bold and glamorous, it’s the style that characterizes brash New York City or alluring Paris. Audacious colors in loud geometric patterns (stripes, chevron, herringbone) command the space. Textures are opulent (think silk and cashmere), glossy (think chrome and lacquer) or eye-catching (think feathers and fluff) — or all of the above. Large pieces of furniture and decor, loaded with ornate details like tassels, scrollwork, make a statement.



No need for exciting evenings out; the center of their life is their home, and they just love being there and sharing the space with others. Warmth and comfort are paramount; they want everyone to feel good and snug along with them. 

Design style: Traditional 

Hallmarks of this style: 

These are the furnishings and decor that have stood the test of time — and still look good. Upholstered furniture, often in velvet or leather, set the stage. Crown moldings and stately wallpaper adorn the walls, meeting up with traditional, dark polished wood floors. Gold or silver artifacts, antiques (candlesticks anyone?) and classic artwork featuring florals or landscapes add class and charm. It may look regal in there, but it’s not too fancy a space to kick off your heels and let yourself sink into the carpet.



They’re the ones who are perpetually about to go or just back from a trip. They embrace the carefree feeling of vacation — even when they’re not going anywhere. They don’t stand on ceremony but they always look put together, a sort of casual-chic, whether hiking in the Adirondacks or sipping wine on a yacht in the Pacific. It’s the same with the lived-in “mess” of their spaces; the jumble of books on the coffee and the cozy throw on the sofa look deliberate — and pretty darn perfect. 

Design style: Coastal

Hallmarks of this style:

Who needs an actual coast? Light palettes weave in seaform greens and navy blues, breathing an airy, casual but bespoke atmosphere into the space. Finishings and furniture are simple and easy to care for: tile, whitewashed wood, or low rugs cover floors, while slipcovers protect couches and chairs and streamline the look. Natural decorative elements like driftwood and seagrass bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.  


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