2019 Design Trend Predictions

/ 2019 Design Trend Predictions

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the hottest way to bring texture and personality into your room. Bold, largescale prints are the hottest of trends this season, allowing for interest and creating a grand design in your home. Think Large floral patterns or gold metallic abstract is the way to go!


Bringing the Outdoors in

Natural elements with a lot of movement such and veins and grains are very popular. We like to incorporate natural wood and stone to bring nature into the space. Wood grains in large scale such as furniture frames, built-ins, and accessories, allow for nature to come into your home without over powering it. Natural stone on counters, floors, and walls is the best way to balance the wood and create a unified elegant space. One of my favorite accent wall tiles is Tilebar’s Astaire Summerdale collection made from porcelain, marble, and brass. I love the bold pattern along with incorporating outdoor elements. https://tilebar.com/astaire-summerdale-porcelain-marble-and-brass-tile.html


Blue Reverses “the blues” 

Navy is the hottest most relaxing color you could incorporate into your home this season. Blue brings tranquility while navy is a great bold alternative to making a statement. Furniture and art is a typical way to use this color, but try to be more daring and create your own twist with this color trend. Some ideas would be a headboard, lamps, rugs, paint, or ceiling wallpaper.


Black is Back

Black is always in… But this year black is back with a vengeance and you can’t go wrong by incorporating it everywhere! Black cabinetry, Walls, flooring, prints, etc. Black is the best way to create a powerful punch in your space. One of my most recent favorites for backsplash tile is the Ventura Nero collection from TIlebar. https://tilebar.com/ventura-nero-6×24-matte-porcelain-tile.html

The texture and matte finish just brought backsplashes to the next level!


Smooth Curves

Who doesn’t like smooth curves?? This trend is brought out through furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Interior designers are changing up the previous boxy, straight lines by incorporating the 70’s and 80’s back into this season’s furniture lines and always keeping it elegant.


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