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Commercial design is an opportunity to revitalize your business from the inside out. A freshly designed space reflects a progressive, luxe, innovative business. From offices, retail stores, medical spaces, and other public areas, Micky Klein Interiors conceptualizes interior and exterior commercial spaces to enhance the financial growth and daily functionality of each particular client. A commercial design project with Micky Klein interiors includes specialized knowledge of durable and versatile materials and continuous involvement in the renovation and construction process. Most importantly, our commercial design will reflect your business’ unique branding with an updated, fresh, and distinct perspective.

Healthcare design plays a pivotal role on how each facility functions. The comfort and the home like environment is what gives off a radiant vibe to each patient in their daily lives. Safety and the welfare of each patient is always our priority in our goal to enhance their stay. We ensure quality and budget is always a key factor in our design process.

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Your home is your family’s sanctuary, but also, a reflection of your personal style and flair. The perfect blend of class and comfort, your home should offer warmth and love, while exuding a timeless elegance. At Micky Klein Interiors, our residential design projects create an ideal function and flow of the home, while implementing impeccable design features. We are highly skilled in reconfiguring interior elements to create a whole new feel within a residential space. Our residential design projects range from new construction to additions, to space planning. Your dream home is curated and implemented by our expert team from the initial design phase by helping you attain your most desirable results.


Micky made my life so much easier! She helped with all my confusing decisions and made it all seem so simple! On top of that, her ideas always look wonderful and her sense of style is perfect. I trust Micky completely when it comes to styling my house!

Jessica Hoffman

Working with Micky Klein Interiors has been an absolute pleasure. Micky helped me look at my overall layout from a different perspective, and came up with some great space planning options. She took the time to understand my vision and helped it come to reality, while keeping it feeling totally ME. An extra unexpected bonus is she found me areas to save money on design while keeping the vision, and guided me on items where I should spend. Overall I found the construction / design process can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive, every tiny mistake or change costs money. Micky helps you get it right the first time, as well as helps find solutions to problems that inevitably always arise.

Sasha, Owner of Sasha Schwartz Salon

Micky was extremely helpful when choosing paint colors and tile selections for my new home. She was patient and knowledgeable through out the process and her familiarity with industry resources, timeline, and installation process was extremely helpful. Not only is Micky creative and helpful in the design process, her knowledge and experiences proves her to be a crucial figure in the entire design/renovation project.

Malkie Rosenbloom

It was a pleasure working with Micky. Her hands on approach really made me feel confident and comfortable that I was getting the best bang for my buck and the office looks amazing. I highly recommend Micky to anyone needing design work.

Kary McDonald, Paramount Power Inc.

I used Micky Klein Interiors for my Miami Beach office. She was super helpful and took care of everything. She gave me a beautiful turn-key design at minimal cost!

Amatus Health