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Many people are under the impression that white is an impractical color to use when decorating. This is a misconception. White is probably the easiest color to use because of how versatile it is, making white the perfect color foundation for your space.

White sofa slip covers are a perfect go-to decorating choice because they are so easy to take off and throw in the washing machine. Your sofa or chairs will always look fresh and new. Also, white faux suede and vinyl are  great chair upholstery fabrics that are easy to wipe clean. White is in fact a very cozy color when dressed up with fluffy pillows and rustic finishings such as distressed wooden décor. Smokey blues and greens are also a great complimentary color for white.

If white upholstery is too daring for you, then consider white curtains in a washable material. These are a great room enhancer and a beautiful focal point. White Curtains deliver the wow factor without the fear of staining. Add a little interest with tassels or trim can make your white curtains pop.

There are hundreds of white hues that don’t always match. A great way to add depth to your room is to mix and match antiques and heirlooms in various shades of whites. This adds interest and texture to your space. White can also make antiques seem more up-to-date. Layering objects of different textures really makes the room come together.

White can always feel rejuvenated by switching out the room’s décor such as throw pillows for the different seasons, or table décor in various colors to make your room feel new and fresh.

People often gravitate towards white kitchens. I bet you wonder why. It’s because white kitchens stand the test of time. White kitchens are popular in every design style from traditional to contemporary.  You can add your own personal touch with artwork, accent colors, towels, accessories, etc.  and never get bored. Everything always looks good paired with white. Fixtures and hardware pop against white cabinets making your kitchen practical and timeless. Metals paired with white cabinetry are actually a warm and inviting element in a kitchen.

Believe it or not white can work as an eraser for issues in your home such as architectural blemishes. When painting old walls white, the imperfections disappear. On the contrary, to highlight a specific feature, such as gorgeous crown moldings or trim work, paint them a shade of glossy white. This will accentuate the detail and make for a beautiful focal point.

Think of white as a blank canvas, your options are endless. When you use white on your walls your room can find direction. If you use a color or wallpaper, you are committing to a certain style or pattern. White is such a fresh and clean way to start decorating. Whether you use it on your walls, as your furniture, or décor there are always great possibilities and easy shopping finds.


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