Everything You Want to Know About Micky Klein

/ Everything You Want to Know About Micky Klein

Everything You Want to Know About Micky Klein

I never thought I’d be writing this kind of article.


I don’t like talking about myself. 

Yet clients and leads have been asking these questions over and over again. 

So I figured I’d let you all in on what makes me ME.

Gotta give the people what they want, right? 

So here’s everything you might want to know about Micky Klein + design. 

But if I missed something you’re interested in — just ask! 



I’ve always been obsessed with shoes (Call me Carrie Bradshaw!), so at first I thought I’d become a shoe designer. As I started researching the field however, I realized it wasn’t a practical industry for me. 

At the same time, I started getting interested in home decor and it trickled down to decorating — making fancy tablescapes in my dining room, mixing and matching accessories for my own house. Friends started to ask me for help decorating their houses. 

One day, it hit me: I’m pretty good at this. Why not make it a career? 


I got into this a bit backwards…before I even opened a design book, I called up a local design firm in Detroit (where I was living at the time) and boldly requested an internship. I wanted to see if my heart was really in this as a long-term career. 

The experience was eye-opening. After just two weeks at the firm, Jody the owner sat me down. I totally did not expect to hear what she said:

“Micky, I see myself in you. You’re passionate, you’ve got the talent, you can make it in the field.”

Inspired, I registered at the Art Institute of Michigan. With a combo of online and in-person classes — and a great deal of juggling, as I had 2 young kids at the time — I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. I was ready to go. 


Whenever I go out, my eyes are open. I’m an observer, and I notice everything. (Even when I try not to.) 

I pride myself on the ability to walk into a space and know exactly which accessories or what textures are needed to finish off the design. My clients love that I take that detail-obsession and give them a project that’s complete, down to the last accessory. 

And because details are everything to me, I assume they’re important to my client as well. Including when they want it done (AKA timeline). How much they want to spend (AKA budget). You know, little things like that. 


Inspiration for my designs can come from anywhere.  

Like architecture, for example. I’ll notice the small features that other people won’t — the windows that aren’t the right shape, the asymmetrical pieces that are a little off-putting. But then an interesting-shaped structure or a row of buildings, all lined up, will draw me in. I get intrigued by the way the textures on the outside of buildings play off each other; I’ll often try to mirror that in my designs.  

My absolute fav designer is Ferris Rafauli. His designs are so inspiring, so detail-focused — I really relate to that. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s working on Drake’s house…love his music!) 

Fashion is also one of my first loves and where I draw ideas. The patterns, the mixtures of textures, playing with different fabrics and colors…I love it!


I couldn’t do what I do without every person on my team. They each put their own strengths into our mission, making the entire process of working with our clients smooth, from start to finish. 

MKI’s team has grown in the last few months, so we’ll be moving to a bigger space soon. We’re all excited about putting our personal stamp in the new digs. 


No matter what, I’ve gotta start with some “me time” — coffee and chillin’, to open the day on a calm note. 

After I get my kids out the door and a good workout under my belt (I’m an in-home workout kinda gal), I’ll run errands if I still have time before heading to the office. But once I’m there, it’s work-work-work + a little play-play-play, because I truly enjoy what I do and the people I work with. 

We’ll meet with clients, develop concepts & renderings, review changes, put together spec sheets and elevations and a bazillion other things that make up our day.

In the evenings, I’m typically home when the kids get back from school. We’ll do the dinner-homework-bath dash that most parents are familiar with. After bedtime, I’ll often get back to work on my home computer to tie up any loose ends from the day. 

Of course, there are days I’ve gotta travel, in which case my husband picks up the slack when it comes to the kids and the house. I try to book my trips back-to-back and lump together all my travel to minimize the time spent away from my family. 


Spending time with family and friends is the best way to relax. I can never get enough of it, whether we’re trying out a trendy Miami restaurant or laughing together on the couch at home. 

That’s one of the things I love about great design: it can bring people together and make them all comfortable and happy. There’s really nothing better. 



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