Announcing The Design For Safety Initiative

/ Announcing The Design For Safety Initiative

Raising essential funds for those in need and promoting safer designs

(MIAMI, FLORIDA, June 15, 2020) As the US reels from coronavirus casualties — 115,000 dead, political unrest, economic turmoil — Micky Klein Interiors is working to ensure a brighter, safer future with an initiative called DesignForSafety.

“We know now that the way commercial and residential properties are designed impacts the spread of disease,” says Micky Klein, CEO and Principal Interior Designer at Micky Klein Interiors. “It’s not enough that design be aesthetically pleasing and functional; we need designs that keep all of us healthy and safe.”

To promote awareness of the need for safer designs, Micky Klein Interiors has partnered with Jacobs Real Estate Advisors to form DesignForSafety. 

Every dollar raised by DesignForSafety will go directly to UnitedWay to provide essential supplies to the underprivileged. 

“With DesignForSafety, we want to show we’re all in this together,” says Sholom Jacobs of Jacobs Real Estate Advisors. “We have a responsibility to each other to keep us all safe — and to help those in need.”

“While Covid-19 has affected everyone, people often forget about the underprivileged in our communities,” says Micky Klein. “I want to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial struggles, has access to masks, soaps, and sanitizer.”

Donors who contribute at least $10 to DesignForSafety will receive a 1 oz-ounce hand sanitizer with the #DesignForSafety logo — a convenient size to keep in a purse or work bag or attach to a child’s backpack. 

“Because this sanitizing way of life will be with us for a while, so we might as well get used to it,” says Micky Klein. “And support each other while we do.” 

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