2020’s Hottest Commercial Color Combos

/ 2020’s Hottest Commercial Color Combos

I’ve had a revelation…

Interior design is like mixing drinks.


There’s an art to the combinations. 

Start with something that’s great on its own, but maybe a little heavy.

Like Bacardi rum. 

Add another element — a sparkling soda — and suddenly, you’ve achieved a whole new level. 

Something balanced and beautiful — and totally satisfying.



That’s the secret to the perfect color combinations in commercial design: 

each one plays on the best of the other, elevating the end result. 

So you’re left with a sum that’s much greater than the two parts alone. 

And a message that’s received loud and clear by every person who steps into the space. 


True, there’s a whole science of color theory and pairings.

Hue. Saturation. Tone. Analogous, triadic, tetradic…

You don’t really want me to get into it, trust me. 

[Unless you DO want to know more, in which case message me and maybe I’ll do an article about it in the future.]


For now, let me break down 2020’s top 5 color combos for commercial design:

Blush + Violet


The look: 

Calming, serene, cozy


This delicate combo gives off a soft, almost ethereal glow that adds a sense of peace and lightness to the space. 

Yes, it leans a bit feminine, but with deeper tones and the right color accents, any male will feel comfortable.


Perfect for: 

Classy spas and salons, boutique hotels, healthcare facilities

Dark Gray + Golden Bronze 

The look: 

Warm, elegant, sophisticated


These two may not seem made for each other…until you see them together. This inky gray is a step up from the grays you’ve been seeing everywhere, and the gold tones transport it into the new decade. 


Perfect for:

Lobbies, upscale restaurants

Black + White

The look:

Luxurious, statement, timeless 


Think zebras — or Sephora. Whether subtle or striking, this enduring color contrast never falls out of fashion. 


Perfect for:

Offices and retail spaces of bold, indulgent brands 

Navy + Cream 

The look:

Classic, bold, masculine


Toasty cream warms up the cool navy, but the vivid contrast makes for a sharp finish, lending an empowering feel to the space.


Perfect for:

Corporate offices, game rooms, men’s clubs


Hunter Green + Greige 

The look:

Trendy, warm, welcoming


This soothing natural shade — reminiscent of luscious forests — can run on the dark side. That’s why it’s paired with ever-popular greige, which softens and lightens the richness of hunter green.


Perfect for:

Break room, library, houses of worship


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